Lime Bar Soap


The West Indian Lime scent from St Johns Fragrance Company is a crisp take on a tropical scent. Sparkling citrus notes convey cool confidence, while a touch of bergamot sits just beneath the surface to pique curiosity. This fresh scent is available in our triple-milled body soap, giving you a way to enjoy that warm Caribbean feeling while you shower or soak.

Treat yourself to luxury with our distinctive West Indian Lime fragrance in this body soap, which is triple-milled for a gentle, creamy and fragrant lather. Our unique refining process produces beautiful bars of soap that are hard, smooth and long-lasting.

Light enough for the workday but playful enough to turn heads at happy hour, the fresh scent of our West Indian Lime bar soap is perfect for layering. Shower with the soap, then spritz on our cologne or use our aftershave to soak yourself in island elegance.