Early in my professional career I was privileged to serve as the assistant to the president of a major university in Southern California. So much of my professional development I owe to this man. He was caring, disciplined, detailed in all areas of life, demanding, and most of all - thoughtful.

His thoughtfulness was expressed by his prolific thank you notes and letters. If there was a gift or letter received, you could bet the farm an acknowledgement was coming. That example of writing thank you notes and acknowledgements has stuck with me and I have tried - not always succeeding - to do my best in following his example.

Here are five reasons to write thank you notes:
  1. It allows you to creatively write, in your own hand, a thoughtful sentiment of thanks for a kind word or gift.
  2. Gives a great reason to have personalized stationery.
  3. Sending and receiving hand written mail is rare.
  4. It forces you to slow down and be thoughtful and it is good manners.
  5. It makes a lasting impression that is rarely forgotten.
I encourage you to stock up on stationery, buy cool stamps and get ready to send some notes to those whom like you enough to express it in a tangible way. You will not be sorry.

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J.D. Hornberger
November 01, 2022 — JD Hornberger

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